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News! Go Go Gadget… Me

A self-proclaimed “geek,” I have made no reservations about his reverence for technology. At first glance, this is demonstrated by the gadgets he carries and the wearables that adorn his wardrobe. From a professional standpoint, Peak Contact couldn’t be a more blatant display. Specializing in cutting-edge solutions for insurance, travel, education, and health care industries […]

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Do you dream in technicolour, or monochrome?

We like the best of both worlds. Last summer, our media crew made its way to Toronto Island via Hanlan’s point to shoot the Toronto skyline in stop motion format. Wine, cheese, and laughs ensued on that sunny Saturday. Our crew needed the time, since the film was shot over 10 hours. Note to self: Don’t […]

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News! Tapped for Yahoo Article

During an interview with Yahoo Finance, my advice for March Breakers obtaining travel insurance includes: conduct your own research, do not be afraid to ask questions, and check the coverage you might already have through your employee benefits, credit card or CAA membership. If covered, read your policy thoroughly, and consider purchasing additional coverage for […]

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Ready to travel the world?

Go Global will help you get there! We are proud to be founding sponsors of this yearly event. 

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What makes me tick?

Find out in this short video.

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News! People are the most important asset of a good CEO

I had the pleasure of speaking with Martikainen from Kanadian Sonomot, a Finnish Canadian publication recently. During our talk, we discussed my Finnish heritage and its influence on my business today. Explore the history of the Ingle name, ideas about team values, and my passion for technology here.

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Q: I am leaving for Florida tomorrow. I need insurance.

Question: I am leaving for Florida tomorrow. I need insurance. Answer: Our team will be happy to assist you with the insurance you need for your trip to Florida. We will need more information before recommending a plan. Please call us at your earliest convenience to discuss your options. We will need your date of […]

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The Annual CAPS-I Conference: Discovering. Sharing. Networking.

My team attends every year. Why? Because we share and support CAPS-I’s mandate. Learn more about my involvement in this annual event.

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Ideas, Innovation and Change

How many times have you done something that is routine, repetitive and needs to be changed but you keep on the same path over and over again? Work that is assigned to you that has too many unnecessary steps to accomplish, taken a route in the same old vehicle just because you always have, talked […]

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Behind the Scenes of a Medical Emergency

It was Christmas Eve in the early nineties; I was on shift, and the call came in near midnight. The woman was scared, tired and feeling a long way away from the comforts of home. She was in her 70s, retired and trying to enjoy her newfound freedom with her husband of 40 years—typical Snowbirds. […]

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