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Halloween: A Festival of Fear

It’s sunset—ghosts, goblins, super heroes, and cartoon characters roam the streets and condominium hallways, searching doorways for treats. One night a year the world turns upside down, masks hide faces, and “scary” is normal. Fear is transformed into ceremony and celebration. What scares you? A bump in the night, darkness, deep water, shadows under the […]

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Q: I am trying to plan a trip to Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe…

Question: I am trying to plan a trip to Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Can you help me with a visa question? It looks like I can get a visa at the airport in Kenya, but as far as I can find out they suggest to get a visa for Zimbabwe here in Canada. Of course you […]

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Ready to travel the world?

Go Global will help you get there! We are proud to be founding sponsors of this yearly event. 

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News! Education for a better world!

Another event my team attends every year. Learn more about our support of international education and global social responsibility.

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Great Service and Gourmet Coffee in the Clouds

It’s not often that I rave about the overall service level of an airline. In most cases, the hospitality industry is good worldwide no matter where you go; the difference tends to be the individuals you come in contact with, the ones that go out of their way to provide you with an amazing experience. […]

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Fading away

My mother was married when she was 18 years old. Then she had a child, a daughter. During the next six years, she had two more children, a daughter and a son.  I didn’t show up until 11 years after my brother’s birth. During this time, my mother had to deal with being a teenaged […]

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Blogging Again

When I started this blog, I took it very seriously. I could do it: provide observations, and write about life and events. But it’s hard to keep up. I admire people who multitask and keep up the writing without burning out. One benefit I have and have been relying on is that I like to […]

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The Annual CAPS-I Conference: Discovering. Sharing. Networking.

My team attends every year. Why? Because we share and support CAPS-I’s mandate. Learn more about my involvement in this annual event.

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Behind the Scenes of a Medical Emergency

It was Christmas Eve in the early nineties; I was on shift, and the call came in near midnight. The woman was scared, tired and feeling a long way away from the comforts of home. She was in her 70s, retired and trying to enjoy her newfound freedom with her husband of 40 years—typical Snowbirds. […]

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The Power of Words

I don’t think we realize the power of words and what they can do to us during our lives. We need to be conscious of what we say and how we say it. I don’t mean that you have to be repressed or scared about what you say, but we do need to express ourselves […]

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