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News! Fort McMurrary and You

I was invited to take calls on CBC’s Maritime Noon to advise the returning residents of Fort McMurray about their home insurance. The magnitude of the Fort McMurray fires is still being evaluated and the tally of damage is estimated to begin at $10 billion dollars. With politics at play, insurance companies will not outright […]

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A Witness to Violence and a Message of Hope

This post focuses on the things we do to each other and how we confront them. The world can be very strange. Often we just raise our hands up and say, “Why do we do what we do?” In the Western world, we stretch ourselves to make money, succeed, and survive another day. Do we […]

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News! Is cruise line insurance enough?

Can you rely on travel insurance from your cruise line? Have a look at my interview.

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Ready to travel the world?

Go Global will help you get there! We are proud to be founding sponsors of this yearly event. 

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News! Education for a better world!

Another event my team attends every year. Learn more about our support of international education and global social responsibility.

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Get to know Alan Bell

He’s the Director of Global Security & Intelligence at Intrepid 24/7 – my emergency medical, security, and travel assistance company.

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Great Service and Gourmet Coffee in the Clouds

It’s not often that I rave about the overall service level of an airline. In most cases, the hospitality industry is good worldwide no matter where you go; the difference tends to be the individuals you come in contact with, the ones that go out of their way to provide you with an amazing experience. […]

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With You Wherever You Are

Did you know that I have a background in security? Learn more about Intrepid 24/7, my medical, security, and travel assistance company.

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Q: I am leaving for Florida tomorrow. I need insurance.

Question: I am leaving for Florida tomorrow. I need insurance. Answer: Our team will be happy to assist you with the insurance you need for your trip to Florida. We will need more information before recommending a plan. Please call us at your earliest convenience to discuss your options. We will need your date of […]

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The Annual CAPS-I Conference: Discovering. Sharing. Networking.

My team attends every year. Why? Because we share and support CAPS-I’s mandate. Learn more about my involvement in this annual event.

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