Q: We will be travelling to Mexico for over 6 months…


My partner and I live in the Vancouver area and will be travelling to Mexico for over 6 months and are leaving Sept 28th. We are looking for medical insurance that would not require us to maintain our MSP.


Most Canadian travel medical insurance policies require that you maintain coverage under your province’s Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) for the duration of your trip. However, we offer a variety of international traveller and expatriate plans that are designed for travellers like you whose GHIP coverage will not remain in effect.

Incidentally, when you return to BC after your trip, there will likely be a waiting period before your MSP coverage is reinstated. When the time comes, we can also help you with a “Visitors to Canada” policy to cover medical emergencies during this waiting period.

We will have a representative from our customer service department call you to discuss your options and provide a quote for the coverage you require.

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