Q: I have an 80-year-old client who is in Ontario on a Super Visa…


I have an 80-year-old client who is in Ontario on a Super Visa. She is planning a three-month trip to South Africa. I have been asked to secure emergency medical coverage for her. As she does not have OHIP coverage, I cannot get coverage through traditional channels. As she is a resident in the UK, does she have to secure coverage from a UK carrier or is there something I can do from Canada?


The majority of plans for visitors to Canada offer coverage for side trips. They normally require that the trip begin and end in Canada and that 51 per cent of the trip be spent in Canada in order for the coverage to continue. So it would depend on the amount of time she will be in Canada, and what Visitors to Canada plan she currently has. If her time in South Africa will exceed 49 per cent of her total trip, you can look at a policy that covers international travellers (anyone travelling outside their home country). Ingle International works with many insurers that can provide this type of coverage; however the coverage may or may not meet the insurance requirements of the Super Visa.

(For more information on the Super Visa: https://www.ingleagents.com/superVisa)


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