Q: I have a client who is travelling to Europe and is a professional slope style mountain biker…


I have a client who is looking for travel insurance for his son who is travelling to Europe and is a professional slope style mountain biker. Could you give me some suggestions?


Conventional medical travel insurance plans do not cover emergencies related to professional athletics. Professional sports coverage is typically offered through the team, league, or governing body of the sport. Does your client have any such coverage available through the event organizer?

An example of an exclusion that would apply on a conventional product is: “Your participation in, training, or practicing for any sport as a professional athlete or while participating in, training, or practicing for any motorized speed contest, rodeo, show jumping, or horse racing.”

In this context, “professional” is defined as “a person receiving financial compensation from their participation in the sport or who is considered professional by the governing body of the sport they participate in.”

If your client meets the definition of professional (as defined above) athlete, he will need to consider special risk insurance in order to get coverage for professional athletics. Special risk insurance is a customized product designed for high-risk activities, like professional athletics, or dangerous destinations, and can cost an average of $1000 per policy. However, please note that coverage for one professional athlete at one event is a much higher risk from an insurer’s point of view, and may not be available. Special risk insurers are more likely to cover professional sports if all athletes in a league or organization are participating on an ongoing basis.

To apply for this type of coverage, your client may fill out the request-a-quote form and submit it to our office.

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