Q: My boyfriend is Canadian and works in the US. Is he covered by OHIP?


My boyfriend is Canadian and has been living and working in NYC for the past 2 years come this September. I believe he has since lost his OHIP as he has been out of the country over 200 days. He does not have any health coverage in the US at the time which is a concern. Is there a way for him to purchase coverage for the US if he is not covered by OHIP? Many thanks!


Yes, he can purchase an expatriate policy or international traveller insurance plan through insurers like IMG, HCC, or Seven Corners. Expatriate plans are long-term health insurance policies designed for people living outside their country of citizenship while international traveller policies provide basic emergency medical coverage for people travelling outside their home country for shorter durations.

If you need help determining which plan is right for your boyfriend, you can contact our customer care centre at 1-800-360-3234 or helpline@ingleinternational.com.

If he has a VISA to work in the US, a residential address in the US, a US bank account, and a telephone number in New York City, another option is for him to purchase a local health insurance plan from a local insurance company in New York State.

Some examples of local insurance companies:

Empire Blue – http://www.empireblue.com/
Aetna – http://healthinsurance.aetna.com/state/new-york/individual-health-insurance
United Health – http://www.uhc.com/individuals_families/health_insurance_plans.htm

State government links:


One concern, however, is the fact that your boyfriend may no longer be covered by OHIP. Domestic US health insurance would not necessarily cover him outside of the US, including trips back to Canada. He can purchase Visitors to Canada insurance for such trips if he has health insurance that is valid only in the US. Visitors to Canada plans provide emergency medical coverage for people in Canada who are not covered by a government health insurance plan, including returning Canadians whose provincial coverage has lapsed. If he were to return to Canada permanently, it would take up to three months before his provincial coverage is reinstated. Visitors to Canada insurance can provide temporary coverage for him during this waiting period.


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