How much is travel insurance for one year?

These travel lovers take a guess. (Hint: It’s cheaper than you think…)

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Meet Bob.

Hockey Lover. Avid Traveller. Concerned Snowbird.

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News! Education for a better world!

Another event my team attends every year. Learn more about our support of international education and global social responsibility.

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Get to know Alan Bell

He’s the Director of Global Security & Intelligence at Intrepid 24/7 – my emergency medical, security, and travel assistance company.

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Life passing you by?

Do something about it!

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Don’t waste another second

Time is precious.

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Travel? Pure Bliss

Don’t you agree?

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What makes me tick?

Find out in this short video.

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It’s never too late…

…to fall in love with poutine!

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Thinking about Love on Valentine’s Day

Last year, I wrote a blog post that had a great response from my editors. The first version I wrote resulted in a quick email back to me. A simple “wow.” Then 30 minutes later, I received four independent requests to tone down the descriptions of what makes me happy. I was told that the […]

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