Love, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness

I was talking to someone the other day about happiness; it’s something we all search for, but it can be ethereal and hard to find. We may think too much, work too much, or be so removed from those around us that we find it difficult to be happy. During our lives, it comes and goes, playing hide and seek with our emotions. But happiness is not hard to find.

Happiness can be found in love. To be happy, you need to love deeply, you need to love life, be passionate—and not afraid. You need to feel your emotions, express them, and live with the consequences. You will be surprised at the results. Life and love can be painful, but life without love can be hell. Happiness is a major part of life and an integral part of love; it can be found in everything around us if we take the time to see and feel.

Moments of happiness can be fleeting and unexpected. Happiness is the wide eyes of your child as they recognise you coming through the door, their mouth opening into a huge smile. Surprising your lover with a slow deliberate kiss, and feeling the heat of their breath. A sunset with the sun dropping low on the horizon, sending shafts of warm fall colours shimmering across the surface of the ocean. Letting yourself go in the frenzy of a dance step as the music takes you over. Pulling your partner closer, tightening your grip on the curve of their back and moving as one to a salsa beat. Being home after a long trip or leaving on an adventure.

Happiness, love and life are connected; they are intertwined and are a large part of our psyche. Happiness and love can empower us and defeat us if not found. We can search for happiness in the wrong places or wait for the big event and miss the happiness that’s right in front of us. The simple moments can be the most enduring. Love and happiness come in many shapes and sizes.

I love to see a team member successfully reach a goal, be better than they thought they could be, or see them enjoy the experience of learning and teaching another. I love the unexpected: a pod of dolphins playing by the beach, a monarch butterfly hovering over the car while stuck in rush hour traffic, the laughter after a great joke (I tell great jokes), the sharing of a beautiful design, creating a piece of art, writing or playing good music and getting lost in the rhythm of the notes. Life is so much simpler than we make it, love is easier to find and happiness is right around the corner. Open your eyes and your heart, and you will find it.

Tell us what makes you happy, what you love in life, and what makes your life better. Help create a smile on someone else’s face and give them a moment of happiness. Why not share your story in the comment box below?

8 Comments on "Love, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness"

  1. steph says:

    I am in love with travel and seeing new things, and I am certain that love will never die!

    • Janet says:

      Wonderful blog! what I love, is making others happy and just seeing those around me happy. The smile and the warmth that emanates from them is infectious.

  2. Monica says:

    Hugs are a great way of showing how much you care for and love others. I love giving hugs to people I care for.

    Socialization and communication is another way of finding happiness; and I’m not referring to a text message or a post on Facebook. I mean talking to people face to face, sharing a meal together, having a solid group of friends. There have been studies showing that people who share time with others on a regular basis, have a better and healthier life.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, or how many countries in Latin America call it, Happy Love and Friendship Day!

  3. Anna says:

    Family, low key Sunday mornings, hot chocolate and smores, the feeling when all of my muscles are exhausted after a long swim, snuggles with my pup in the morning and all the fun that comes with having her, and yes Steph, TRAVEL!

  4. Helena says:

    Robin, this blog entry is very poetic! It was a pleasure to read! Keep them coming!

  5. I am in love with both travel insurance and valentines day. Insightful. Well done robin.

  6. I whole heartly believe that happiness will forever be pursued, until you can share your love with someone that seeks the same thoughts of happiness.

  7. Theresa says:

    thank for sharing that blog it brought tears to my eyes. It was so well written my sentiments exactly!

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