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News! In Insurance Business Magazine

This week, in Ingle International’s media enquiries, journalist Lucy Cook from Insurance Business Magazine requested commentary on the gap between consumer expectations and best industry practises. I offered frank and open advice by first acknowledging the cracks in communication as a result of compliance, encouraging institutions to be transparent about their products from the get-go (be unafraid […]

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News! On CBC

Planning to visit Turkey? Your travel insurance coverage may no longer be valid. That’s the message that the CBC asked me to share in the wake of this summer’s coup attempt in Turkey, which led to a government of Canada travel advisory to “exercise a high degree of caution” while in the country. But what does […]

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A Witness to Violence and a Message of Hope

This post focuses on the things we do to each other and how we confront them. The world can be very strange. Often we just raise our hands up and say, “Why do we do what we do?” In the Western world, we stretch ourselves to make money, succeed, and survive another day. Do we […]

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Q: I am trying to plan a trip to Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe…

Question: I am trying to plan a trip to Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Can you help me with a visa question? It looks like I can get a visa at the airport in Kenya, but as far as I can find out they suggest to get a visa for Zimbabwe here in Canada. Of course you […]

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Get to know Alan Bell

He’s the Director of Global Security & Intelligence at Intrepid 24/7 – my emergency medical, security, and travel assistance company.

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With You Wherever You Are

Did you know that I have a background in security? Learn more about Intrepid 24/7, my medical, security, and travel assistance company.

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Behind the Scenes of a Medical Emergency

It was Christmas Eve in the early nineties; I was on shift, and the call came in near midnight. The woman was scared, tired and feeling a long way away from the comforts of home. She was in her 70s, retired and trying to enjoy her newfound freedom with her husband of 40 years—typical Snowbirds. […]

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The Right to Live, Work, and Be Free

I provided support to some young people involved in the Occupy movement in Toronto: supplies to keep them dry, food and general camping gear. I am not a communist, a radical or interested in destroying the economic structure of our western world. I believe in fairness and a social safety net. I believe in freedom […]

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Once upon a time… and the rest is history!

Watch the history of my group of companies in stop motion.

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