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News! Education for a better world!

Another event my team attends every year. Learn more about our support of international education and global social responsibility.

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Fading away

My mother was married when she was 18 years old. Then she had a child, a daughter. During the next six years, she had two more children, a daughter and a son.  I didn’t show up until 11 years after my brother’s birth. During this time, my mother had to deal with being a teenaged […]

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Blogging Again

When I started this blog, I took it very seriously. I could do it: provide observations, and write about life and events. But it’s hard to keep up. I admire people who multitask and keep up the writing without burning out. One benefit I have and have been relying on is that I like to […]

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The Right to Live, Work, and Be Free

I provided support to some young people involved in the Occupy movement in Toronto: supplies to keep them dry, food and general camping gear. I am not a communist, a radical or interested in destroying the economic structure of our western world. I believe in fairness and a social safety net. I believe in freedom […]

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Who’s Who and What’s What at Davos, Switzerland

The World Economic Forum has just finished in Davos, Switzerland, and it reminded me of my time at past events. You are either invited or request attendance, and need to be in a certain category to attend: world leader, politician, senior executive of a large (usually international) company, major academic, researcher or notable person. To […]

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Travel Insurance? It’s in my DNA.

My first real post so I will start at the beginning: Why do we do what we do? My father grew up on a farm in Southern Ontario, Canada. His family had immigrated to Canada between 1805 and 1810 from Pennsylvania, USA, like a lot of Canadians at the time who were refugees from revolution, […]

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