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With You Wherever You Are

Did you know that I have a background in security? Learn more about Intrepid 24/7, my medical, security, and travel assistance company.

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Behind the Scenes of a Medical Emergency

It was Christmas Eve in the early nineties; I was on shift, and the call came in near midnight. The woman was scared, tired and feeling a long way away from the comforts of home. She was in her 70s, retired and trying to enjoy her newfound freedom with her husband of 40 years—typical Snowbirds. […]

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In times of fear and emergency, you are not alone.

Bus crash in Bolivia, fire in a nightclub in Brazil, heart attack of your spouse or dysentery from food poisoning—all will affect you; leave you vulnerable, sick, injured or possibly dying. When you are away from home, away from your family—your support structure—and not familiar with the location, practices or language, it can be scary. […]

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