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News! People are the most important asset of a good CEO

I had the pleasure of speaking with Martikainen from Kanadian Sonomot, a Finnish Canadian publication recently. During our talk, we discussed my Finnish heritage and its influence on my business today. Explore the history of the Ingle name, ideas about team values, and my passion for technology here.

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Travel is Adventure

I took time away from phones, computers and the 24/7 demands of business during my vacation in Barbados. I love the ocean, fresh fruit, spicy food, the freedom and sounds of the Caribbean, tree frogs, the crashing waves, hot sand under your feet and the afternoon rain. Getting off the plane felt like being home. […]

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Blogging Again

When I started this blog, I took it very seriously. I could do it: provide observations, and write about life and events. But it’s hard to keep up. I admire people who multitask and keep up the writing without burning out. One benefit I have and have been relying on is that I like to […]

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The Annual CAPS-I Conference: Discovering. Sharing. Networking.

My team attends every year. Why? Because we share and support CAPS-I’s mandate. Learn more about my involvement in this annual event.

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Ideas, Innovation and Change

How many times have you done something that is routine, repetitive and needs to be changed but you keep on the same path over and over again? Work that is assigned to you that has too many unnecessary steps to accomplish, taken a route in the same old vehicle just because you always have, talked […]

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51% Finnish. 100% Sisu.

At the end of each day, she lifts her bag over her shoulder and goes out the door, relentlessly heading to the gym, never giving up. He struggles to understand the professor who continues to expand the course just enough that it is hard for him to keep up, but he keeps going. Life has […]

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The Power of Words

I don’t think we realize the power of words and what they can do to us during our lives. We need to be conscious of what we say and how we say it. I don’t mean that you have to be repressed or scared about what you say, but we do need to express ourselves […]

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Why write a blog? Because I’m all about communication.

With my first posting, I started at the beginning… where we came from… but why write a blog? Companies, marketing departments, think it’s good (cool) to connect with potential customers, the consumers that may one day want to buy a product. Many people think it’s a way to make contact with a younger population or […]

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