Blogging Again

When I started this blog, I took it very seriously. I could do it: provide observations, and write about life and events. But it’s hard to keep up. I admire people who multitask and keep up the writing without burning out. One benefit I have and have been relying on is that I like to write, tell stories and talk—if you know me, you understand the truth of that statement.

I have a lot of stories that are threatening to make an appearance. I recently took a vacation (my first true vacation in many years); I swam with a sea turtle, bought a painting from a Rastafarian and talked to an artist who made twisted wire people and had tattooed his face to show his devotion to god.

I observed and was subjected to bullying by a large man who should have known better, at a venue that our companies sponsored, over a lack of knowledge and a great amount of fear that his company had. It was sad to see—especially to see what he did to others.

I now have a granddaughter. She has a beautiful smile, is inquisitive, and it has been inspirational to see her parents take on the challenge of caring for another human being.

My mother’s personality has slowly disappeared into the fog of dementia over the last 10 years, spurred on by accidents that always seem to be a catalyst in a senior’s life. I realized how we compartmentalize people so that we can deal with our own lives. I took her out on Saturday to feel the breeze, see the birds and butterflies move between the plants, and hear the sounds of life outside the hospital; the experience created a surprising result.

I have witnessed the agony governments put people through to move between countries and set up a life, even when those people have all the qualifications needed to benefit their new jurisdiction. We are leaving intelligent people in a legal limbo when we need them.

War, politics and inhumanity has been boiling up around the world and never seems to go away. I know Rodney King was criticized for being weak when he said “why can’t we all get along?” But seriously, why can’t we?

I love to meet people and hear them talk about their lives, their families and their struggles for enlightenment. Over the last four months, I have met some amazing people, people who have interesting stories, had major accomplishments and learned lessons throughout their lives that can help all of us. One common piece was persistence; never give up on what you hold dear.

As you can see, I have lots of raw material. I just need to get to it. Questions are welcome and input is needed; criticize, comment, or add your own story. We are listening, I am listening.


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  1. Steph says:

    I have the same problem! I was really good about writing home to family when I first lived abroad and had every intention to do it again when I moved from Canada two other times… but I never picked it up again!

    It is not like my life got too busy… some moments were for sure… most of the time, i was just lazy!

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