About Robin

Robin Ingle, CEO of Ingle International, Novus Health, and Intrepid 24/7, has worked in the insurance industry for over 35 years. Robin has an in-depth understanding of the Canadian health care system and an intimate knowledge of the insurance industry.

His Group of Companies represents major insurers across Canada and around the world, offering a variety of travel health insurance options for travelling Canadians, international students, worldwide travellers, visitors to Canada, and travellers to high-risk destinations.

The Ingle Group was the first in Canada to create a health insurance plan for new immigrants in Canada and a travel insurance plan for Canadian Snowbirds. Today, the Ingle Group provides customized insurance solutions, health care resources, and emergency medical and security assistance to worldwide travellers. His staff includes multilingual insurance and health specialists, registered nurses and medical consultants.

Robin has provided insurance-related services to clients across Canada, the US, Mexico, France, Latin America, Australia, the UK, and the Middle East, working with insurance companies, financial services, corporations, NGOs, aid and educational organizations, governments and assistance/health care management companies worldwide to provide unique, high-level, customized services to enhance products and customer experience.

Robin’s expertise is an invaluable resource for government agencies, consumers, and the insurance industry. He also provides unbiased advice to groups and individuals looking for the right insurance products, and participates in numerous talk shows, seminars, and lectures in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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