News! Fort McMurrary and You

I was invited to take calls on CBC’s Maritime Noon to advise the returning residents of Fort McMurray about their home insurance. The magnitude of the Fort McMurray fires is still being evaluated and the tally of damage is estimated to begin at $10 billion dollars. With politics at play, insurance companies will not outright …

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Do you dream in technicolour, or monochrome?

We like the best of both worlds. Last summer, our media crew made its way to Toronto Island via Hanlan’s point to shoot the Toronto skyline in stop motion format. Wine, cheese, and laughs ensued on that sunny Saturday. Our crew needed the time, since the film was shot over 10 hours. Note to self: Don’t …

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News! Tapped for Yahoo Article


During an interview with Yahoo Finance, my advice for March Breakers obtaining travel insurance includes: conduct your own research, do not be afraid to ask questions, and check the coverage you might already have through your employee benefits, credit card or CAA membership. If covered, read your policy thoroughly, and consider purchasing additional coverage for …

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News! On CBC’s Maritime Noon

I recently had to the opportunity to field travel insurance questions on CBC’s Maritime Noon.  During the interview, I sought to debunk myths surrounding pre-existing conditions, reflect on the inner workings of the industry, and advise consumers on how to be the best consumers. Main recommendations included: Shop around Be honest when answering before obtaining …

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News! On

Robin Ingle and Robert Young Pelton – a renowned author, journalist, and documentary filmmaker whose work focuses on surviving in high-risk environments. With the help of Ingle International, Pelton runs an adventure website, an outlet through which he shares his stories, engages with the Come Back Alive community, and sells his much-coveted DPx Gear.

I was recently called by the CNN to provide insight on the article The Man Who Takes Vacations in War Zones, featuring Andrew Drury. Read the article here. Image by sisu production: Robin Ingle and Robert Young Pelton – a renowned author, journalist, and documentary filmmaker whose work focuses on surviving in high-risk environments. With …

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A Witness to Violence and a Message of Hope


This post focuses on the things we do to each other and how we confront them. The world can be very strange. Often we just raise our hands up and say, “Why do we do what we do?” In the Western world, we stretch ourselves to make money, succeed, and survive another day. Do we …

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News! On the Pulse – Travelling Within Canada

Do you need additional health insurance to travel between provinces? This question was a hot topic in the media after an out-of-province traveler wound up with a $30,000 medical transit bill. Devon Peacock, host of The Pulse, invited me to weigh in on the subject. Additional resources: Canadians Need Travel Insurance for Trips Within Canada Canadian …

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News! Is cruise line insurance enough?

Can you rely on travel insurance from your cruise line? Have a look at my interview.

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News! A Million Dollar Baby


The Million Dollar Baby case made international headlines. Soon after, I was interviewed by both CBC Radio and FORUM Magazine on the subject. Watch my interview below. You can also read the article posted here.

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Halloween: A Festival of Fear


It’s sunset—ghosts, goblins, super heroes, and cartoon characters roam the streets and condominium hallways, searching doorways for treats. One night a year the world turns upside down, masks hide faces, and “scary” is normal. Fear is transformed into ceremony and celebration. What scares you? A bump in the night, darkness, deep water, shadows under the …

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