A Witness to Violence and a Message of Hope


This post focuses on the things we do to each other and how we confront them. The world can be very strange. Often we just raise our hands up and say, “Why do we do what we do?” In the Western world, we stretch ourselves to make money, succeed, and survive another day. Do we …

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Is cruise line insurance enough?

Can you rely on travel insurance from your cruise line? Have a look at my interview.

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Halloween: A Festival of Fear


It’s sunset—ghosts, goblins, super heroes, and cartoon characters roam the streets and condominium hallways, searching doorways for treats. One night a year the world turns upside down, masks hide faces, and “scary” is normal. Fear is transformed into ceremony and celebration. What scares you? A bump in the night, darkness, deep water, shadows under the …

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Q: We will be travelling to Mexico for over 6 months…


Question: My partner and I live in the Vancouver area and will be travelling to Mexico for over 6 months and are leaving Sept 28th. We are looking for medical insurance that would not require us to maintain our MSP. Answer: Most Canadian travel medical insurance policies require that you maintain coverage under your province’s Government …

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Q: I am trying to plan a trip to Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe…


Question: I am trying to plan a trip to Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Can you help me with a visa question? It looks like I can get a visa at the airport in Kenya, but as far as I can find out they suggest to get a visa for Zimbabwe here in Canada. Of course you …

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Explore sisu.

My creative kingdom. www.sisuproduction.com

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Q: I am retiring to the US. How much is health insurance?


Question: I am retiring to the US. How much is health insurance? Answer: To properly answer your question, some additional information would be required: Are you currently, or will you become a US resident when you move there? Will you maintain a residence in Canada and coverage under your Canadian Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP)? …

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Ready to travel the world?

Go Global will help you get there! We are proud to be founding sponsors of this yearly event. 

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“Do I need student health insurance?”

Yes, you do! Find out why…

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How much is travel insurance for one year?

These travel lovers take a guess. (Hint: It’s cheaper than you think…)

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